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101 Burgie Themed TV Shows/Movies

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 15, 2015, 8:33 PM
I am pathetic.....

Anyway tell me what you think dreamergirl15 Maybe this will find it's way to the Grumps. See if you guys can figure out what show the title parodies. I think my favorite is 10. What's yours?

1. Burgie Universe

2. Say Yes to the Burgie

3. Burgie and Order

4. Burgie-side: Life on the Grill

5. Burgie's Island

6. Game of Burgies

7. The Walking Burgie

8. American Burgie Story

9. King of the Burgie

10. Burgie Meets World

11. That's So Burgie

12. Fresh Burgie of Bel-Air

13. Burgie Ball Z

14. The Suite Life of Burgie

15. The Little Burgie

16. The Last Burgie-bender

17. Burgie-rella

18. House of Burgie

19. Burgie and the Holograms

20. My Little Burgie

21. Burgie Hood

22. I Was a Teenage Burgie

23. The Burgie King

24. The Nostalgia Burgie

25. The Road to Burgie-rado

26. Burgie and the Beast

27. Total Burgie Island

28. The Nightmare before Burgie

29. The Burgie of Egypt

30. Burgie Daddy

31. Hey Burgie

32. Jurassic Burgie

33. Burgie Files

34. Undercover Burgie

35. Burgie Hood

36. Gone With The Burgie

37. Burgie-Doo Where Are You?

38. American Burgie

39. Are You Smarter Than a Burgie

40. Project Burgie

41. Indiana Burgie

42. Are You Afraid of the Burgie

43. Ahhh! Real Burgies

44. Burgie High

45. Good Day Burgie

46. Burgie Guy

47. It's the Great Pickle Burgie Brown

48. Burgie and the Chipmunks

49. Big Burgie Theory

50. Burgie Days

51. Little Burgie on the Prairie

52.Burgie Babies

53. Burgie and Friends

54. Burgie Troop

55. X-Burgie

56. BurgBob BunPants

57. Burgie Matters

58. Burgies of Hazzard

59. Burgies of the Hidden Temple

60. I Dream of Burgie

61. Burgie and Kel

62. Burgie's Anatomy

63. The Burgie Family

64. 31 Burgie Street

65. Burgie the Vampire Slayer

66. Married with Burgie

67. Burgie's Creek

68. Different Burgies

69. Lavern and Burgie

70. Welcome Back Burgie

71. Burgie's Laboratory

72. As the Burgie Turns

73. Burgie Bravo

74. BurgieWatch

75. Burgie PI

76. Pretty Little Burgies

77. My Two Burgies

78. Leave it to Burgie

79. The Burgie Zone

80. The Facts of Burgie

81. The Burgie Squad

82, Who's the Bugie

83. The Beverly Hill Burgies

84. Burgie's Angels

85. Mad About Burgie

86. All in the Burgie

87. CSI: Burgie

89. Burgie Montana

90. Burg, Burgg and Burgie

91. Burgie the Menace

92. Burgie All The Way

93. Mr. Burgie's Neighborhood

94. Burgie Potter

95. Burgie of the Caribbean

96. Burgie Bond

97. Indiana Burgie

98. Burgie Who

99. The Burgie of the Opera

100. Teenage Mutant Ninja Burgies

101. GI Burgie.

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I would, but I don't know the show well enough to reference it.
MandiPope Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pfft, whatever, Bethie Boo Boo can do everything, she's the master AND the commander!  Love you, Boo.

Mr-Herp-Derp Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
So maybe make a college joke instead.
MasterOf4Elements Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015
I really don't know what I could do for it.
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I think something with the Road to El Dorado....if you can
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